Wishes for the new update


Hi, I’ve been waiting for a new update and hopefully it will “FIX” the bluetooth problem I’m experiencing. I’m using my Dash with my iPhone 6s and the connection is not good enough. I’m having my phone in my right pocket still it doesn’t get a decent connection. This is my replacement DASH also.

There are some problems during call, that the recipient can’t really hear me. And every time I take out my DASH and switch to the handset the DASH connects to the phone again from time to time resulting in that the call is taken from the DASH that I have in my hand or pockets.

In the next update I hope for a better BT experience even though I’ve been told that would be impossible cos of the hardware.

Can you implement that when you are connected to a source example your phone that you could long press the right DASH so that you can choose to play music from the internal memory.


I would really like the ability to manage the music files on The Dash from my phone. It would be great if I could transfer music files to the Dash over Bluetooth.


Pak, in my experience Bluetooth connectivity is better when your phone is in your right pocket because it only communicates with your right Bragi.

Mark, great idea, would love to see the possibility to manage music files and playlists via your phone as well.


Yes, the music experience could be improved. Especially, if there was a possibility to let streaming apps transfer their files to the Dash and play if from there, means high quality and no BT related interruptions, but that might be impossible due to DRM requirements.

I think it is possible to solve the BT issues with a new hardware generation by using Bluetooth 5 and dual connections.


I currently do that on my Android phone using a USB OTG Cable. I think there exists something like that for iOS too, but it may require jailbreak


I meant right pocket xD


It would be great to use the functionality of “Transparency” to create an “Active Noise Cancelling” feature.


With the next update it would be good that the Dash saves the historical sensor data so that you can upload it later to an App of your liking even if this is after several days.


It would be great to personalize the task to execute when putting on the Dash. Eg: read weather information, todays schedule, upcoming event, etc.

I always imagine my self waking up in the morning, putting my Dash on and hearing what I want to hear.


I’d love the ability to completely disable Transparency. I live & work in NYC. The streets are so loud that using transparency makes it sound like I’m inside a hair dryer. I’m always activating it accidentally while trying to get the dash to seat properly in my ears


I have the same problem in Chicago, I wish I could permanently disable it.


I have found that the shake head to skip track feature on the internal player only starts to work when you manually skip forward once. Ie when I put them in first no amount of head shaking will work until I double tap once then it’s all good. I’d love this to be repaired in the forthcoming update.

  1. Start/stop Swim activities in Left Dash in pool (not on land) and sync with Bragi app later.

  2. Store and browse all activities on web browser via cloud (just like Service support is now cloud via Bragi app)

  3. Add more my controls - head, gestures and routines. Voice or Chin controls will be fun. Siri is choppy.

  4. Ability to select different devices to connect on Dash and not from devices. Improve pairing (left Dash on iPhone 7 and right Dash on iPhone 7+ Situation), switching when Dash in pocket (the need to pull out phone to reselect audio source when taking a call), removing “buzzing” without having to put into charger (reset from Dash, especially while running - don’t carry charger to run!)


Here are some suggestions for futher updates:

  • The ability to download Spotify offline playlists to the Dash internal music player would be very nice.

  • The announcement voice is too loud, eg. “battery low”. A volume switch for that in the app would be appreciated.

  • Once you get the hang off the Dash controls, there is no need for voice announcements anymore, eg. “Transparency on/off” -vocalisation. A toggle in the app to switch them on/off and replace with a simple “click” would be better.


I agree, it would definitely feel convinient. Kind of like how the Samsung Gear app is able to transfer music files to its Samsung Gear


That would be awesome! Hate that I can’t save my workout without being connected to the phone! :0


Hi, I was informed through the app that there is a new software 2.2 but when I connect to update, nothing happened. Please advise


How about a WORKOUT mode (instead of just swimming, etc).
Ideally a tap would produce a heartbeat reading, and reports of length of workout, maybe calories expended (not sure if there is that capability. But available heart rate would be wonderful


Thanks for all the great suggestions!

We appreciate your engagement and interest in Bragis future development.

Stay tunes for new awesome features!

All the best,


I really think kilometers or miles are better than steps. Please add pace per hour and the distance. Elipitical would be an great add.