Wish List - The Headphone


**IPX-8 waterproof (or at least 7) would be awesome, so I could swim with them, or at least not worry about dropping them into the toilet, sink, etc…

**At least make an “option” to be able to buy an extra case that is able to fit Bragi the headphone buds AND charge wirelessly. That way people who want the cheaper ones can get the basic plug-in charger, & those who want to also charge wirelessly can buy that as an accessory/add-on.

**Please, make them able to activate Siri just with voice, not having to push buttons first.

**Also, it really stinks the headphone(s) can’t connect to laptops very smoothly like with a phone… Often, I watch movies with my girlfriend, on my laptop.

*I like the design of the 3 dots, but if they were easier to push, it would be great, or if you keep that as the “style/look” but make controls on a little mic stem, that would kill 2 birds: better mic reception (like apple’s) & comfortable controls.

More color options would just be a nice extra, though I dig the simple black w/3 dots look.

PS, I LOVE that they last much longer at a time (main thing) and have better connectivity than other wireless earbuds.

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Awesome feedback! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: