Wish List - The Headphone


What would your ideal The Headphone include that it does not currently have?


An audio interface that allows you to manage the audio of individual earphones. Would make the device suitable for anyone with hearing problems.


Nitpicking issues (aka nice-to-have, but not top priority):

  • Smaller design/smaller profile

Critical issues (necessary improvements to beat competition like Apple, Jabra, etc…)

  • SELL YOUR FOAM AND SILICON FITSLEEVES ON AMAZON!! (these are commodities, and while Bragi has made eartips that have a shorter design than most replacement eartips on the market don’t yet have, it is only a matter of time before “Bragi Generic FitSleeves” come on the market. Don’t know whether this was intentional to extract extra revenue by forcing customers to directly buy thru Bragi or just a coincidence, but sadly, my industry experience leads me to believe the cynical viewpoint. So please fix it!
  • Better bluetooth connectivity outdoors (where the signal cannot bounce off walls like inside)
  • Better bluetooth range, especially on both sides of your body (signal is much better on right vs left side)
  • Bring back touch controls on The Headphone 2.0 like The Dash, but less sensitivity (pushing down on earbud can be discomforting at times)


My number one is the case, I would love if it charged my Headphones, would defiantly pay a bit more for that.

Water/Sweat resistance: I have trained with em a few times but I do worry that they will stop working after each session. Water and sweat resistance similar to the Dash would be great and it fits great to wireless headphones.

Automatic paus/play when you remove them from the ears. A very convenient feature I think

Improved bluetooth range: The Heaphone works great for me as long as i hve my phone on me or a few meters away but as soons as i get a bit to far from it or my body is in the way to much between the phone, they headphones starts to stutter a bit.


• Charging Case - must have option!

• More battery life would make it perfect for work. 8-10 hours

EDIT: the audio transparency from dash/pro and flashable firmware.

And custom fitting by Starkey and water/swear proof.


+1 on a charging case, also please sell spare FitTips on the shop page!

M size tips were great, but unfortunately ripped when taking them off to try the other sizes. Need to get new ones!


I’ve seen that you all are doing real time translation earbuds. Is there anyway that you all might consider making gaming headsets with this tech as most of us must rely on typing and translators to communicate with some our gaming friends worldwide. Not ideal for doing things in real time. Xbox one, PC, PS4 all having games with worldwide communities. In my game I have a group with at least 6 countries at this time.


JCharging case with rapid charging, ability to get updates and firmware fixes.
Better support for music protocols, Ldac, Ptx-hd and AAC.
Eq app.
Water and sweet resistance. Better drivers for more music representation.
Better Battery life if possible.
Easier way to activate/deactivate awareness mode.
Better mic for calls and multi point communication at least 2 phones. Work and personal.

Focus on quality music listening. Also make different colors sleaves, I want people to ask me what I’m wearing in my ears. Not just black like every other in ear head phone.



  1. Smaller, tube size case that charges.
  2. Smaller design/smaller profile. Beige/skin color option. I’d wear them all the time.
  3. Better Bluetooth range

I own the Dash and Headphones and wish that Bragi will be successful!


I really do enjoy my The Headphone, but there some features I really want in a next version and would definitely upgrade if they were available:

  • 2 active Bluetooth connection’s simultaneously, want to swap between phone and tablet with no disruption.
  • App control with widget support, if I have my phone in my hand it is easier to enable/disable sound isolation and shutdown earphones.
  • Full water proofing (like the dash)
  • Slightly larger ear tip cutouts in the case, would allow easier seating of headphones, I use the comply tips and the fit is not perfect
  • Charge case (this could be sold as an add on in the web store)
  • Power off when placed in case and not connected to power, a charge case would do this.

  1. IP68 waterproofing
  2. one-piece case
  3. case that fits with foam tips fitted
  4. auto shutdown after xx mins if no audio transmitted
  5. longer battery life (preferred over a charging case)
  6. to include more sizes of tips


I am on conference calls all day and usually listen to audio books at night… the sound canceling is excellent for price (I have been a LONG time Bose user)


  1. Mic could use some work, when battery gets low, people say I am garbled. When I take left ear out and put it near mouth it’s better.
  2. I can’t pair with both my iPad and Android phone at same time, I had no issues with this using Bose wireless.

Nice to have:

  1. Need more tip sizes, the larger foam tip are terrible, but I don’t like foam tips.
  2. 6 hrs for sound cancelling wireless is excellent… but 12hrs would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Charging case is nice but a flip top instead of slide would be nicer
  4. FARTHER range on Bluetooth

Using Bragi HP 84 if that helps


one more thing… the buttons on right ear should be softer or more sensitive so I don’t have to tilt bud out and hold it to press button… otherwise I will shove it into my ear lol


I have created my account only to address this - may be somebody picks this up …:

I would even spent more money for such high quality headphones.
But then with replaceable batteries - I mean it is so sad if you have to discard the headphones after 3 years of use or so - just because of the battery life

it is possible to construct such headphones - just google it. However these headphones are cheap and do not have the same quality.


Hello Team Bragi,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the great feedback regarding The Headphone improvements.

We are always working on improving our products and performance, and we’re truly appreciating your commitment to the company.

Make it a great day!

Greetings from Munich,
Kristian & your Team Bragi


The two biggest issues:
Need to be able to connect to more that 1 device
Need a charging case.

Other than that, I have no complaints at all. Absolutely love the headphones.


Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


I agree. Is there really no place to buy these?

  1. Charging case
  2. Make the case deeper so that comply tips actually fit in the case while charging. I’m using TS 200 comply tips on them now, which make them sound a million times better, but I have to take the tips off every time I charge. It’s even a problem with the original comply tips that come with The Headphone (just not as bad). If the case was a little deeper, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore.


Reach our customer support at support@bragi.com - They have a solution for you :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi