Windows 10 (mobile) app


Hi there!

TL;DR: Do you have plans to update your Windows app anytime soon?

One of the main reasons I backed you was that there would be Windows Phone app which than was dropped for a Windows 10 (mobile) app which was fine for me. But it seems you have given up on that app, it is not updated anymore since month and not on pair with Android and iOS app.

I know the marketshare of the mobile OS … But still, as the app also runs on millions of Windows devices (e.g. for configuring the app) it is not useless to have this app.




Same reason I bought the Dash. There is soon 1 billon Win 10 machines. Probably more when win10 ARM comes along. Please keep your promises and deliver all the features to the app.


Hey John,

We know there are windows users out there that we want to support. It is certainly something we are looking at resolving as soon as we can. Unfortunately I cannot give you a specific date but we will release more information as soon as we can.


Hey Dean,

well, no problem for no specific date. All I wanted to hear is that you did not cancel the development of the Windows branch and your answer seems to be what I wanted to hear. :slight_smile: So, thanks for your positive answer. Hope we hear some news soon.


Hi Dean,
I strongly agree that Bragi’s intention to support Windows Phone users with an app was the important differentiator why I also decided to buy the Dash. By now I am really disappointed that since version 2.2 there was no update, 2.2 already did not work properly and without a working app Windows Phone users cannot access the new functionalities that have to be managed via the app. So, it would be good to see some progress here as a Windows App would tap into a large pool of Office users … But you may know this yourself already. Thank you, Udo


Hey Dean,

I was very excited to find the Bragi Dash has Windows support. I have purchased them but the app appears to crash when a device (or demo device) is selected. If this much could be fixed I would be very happy.



hi folks!
… great work -->the dash pro.
but still, NO Windows 10 mobile APP support!!! PLEASE go further then!
Sound - cool!
Funktions - cool, but still not 100% capable.

We all know, u´re working with Microsoft because of the bluetooth issue, as u said. But it feels u gave it/us up! I will think positive and still believe, that there will be hope :slight_smile:

ty, bye V