Will resetting the dash delete the music files I downloaded?


I was wondering if resetting dash pro by holding the dash charger button in until I get the 3 red flashes on the charger LED will delete all the music I have downloaded?

Support instructed me to do this because I am not getting any yellow light feedback at all while charging or discharging the dash pro. It kinda stinks because the battery indicator setup is so lacking anyway even if working properly. (Battery percent would be nice in the app)
Not sure if I want to do this yet if it’s gonna delete all my music files tho cause I spent a lot of time doing all that


Nope. Your transfers will be fine.


Thanks for the reply happy to hear it. Now let’s just hope my issue get fixed with the reset…i don’t have high expectations but we shall see


Fingers crossed for you!


How did you get on Dtitus?


Sorry for the late reply but I kept my music files and everything but my issue with no yellow light feedback still persists. The reset didn’t do anything that I can tell…i guess I’ll just deal with it until they hopefully come out with a battery percent in the application


That’s cool. Is your issue just that you don’t see yellow lights when your battery is half way gone?

If so I don’t think know I ever saw a yellow light on my dash, or lying in the app. Still though, it discharged fine, I’d get 3 hours 30 out of them… I just kept track by time. Used


Yep that’s it pretty much. I saw it all the time on my original dash but never on the pro that I have now. Not while charging or discharging in the app or taking them out and shaking them to check. It’s not the end of the world bit since it is a pretty beat way of knowing your battery percent anyway, I would at least like it to work on something I just played $330 for…ya know what I mean?


Haha yes, I’m totally with you. At least it’s not a debilitating issue though. Funny you had it on your original dash and I never did.

Ah I want my pro!!! It’s been so long


Hope you get it soon! Good luck! It is an awesome device and I’m happy just to have the bluetooth better now