Who has played with Sugru moulded tips?


Hey everyone. Happy New Year!

Myself and my brother experimented with the Sugru tip idea back in December. That is, standard fitsleeve, with a small sausage of sugru rolled and wrapped around the tip under the flap and then inserted into the ear to take your impression, before leaving to cure overnight.

I’ve had great success with this. I’ve always had a good fit however this really just gives a little more in terms of canal seal for me. It ain’t expensive and doesn’t require any cutting of the skins to play about with so I would suggest anyone who has the urge- experiment!


I followed your suggestion and now the Dash Pro is permanently glued in my ears!
(Just kidding.)
I had success with getting a good seal on the left but not the right. I suspect my mistake was not being perfectly still while the Sugru hardened. I was working on the computer at the time, and kept turning my head. I’ve had an ongoing issue with getting a good seal in the right Dash when turning my head almost 90 degrees using either of the foam tips. Next time when I need to open another package of Sugro for a household project, I’ll try again with the right Dash.


I did the same the other day - used a slightly larger ‘sausage’ than originally intending, but seemed to work out fine, definitely feels a better fit than the fitsleeve on its own and more comfortable.
@LParkerIII I only kept the buds in for a few seconds, just to mould to the shape, then let them dry in open air - I dont’t think you need to let them dry while wearing them.
Not sure if the attached images come out well…


Great idea @BANE!

Interesting to see how motivation and engagement can turn out to such great things.

Have a great day!

Your Team Bragi


haha I won’t fall for that one again LParkerlll :joy:

My brother has told me that peeling the cured sugru off the silicone tip and starting again without damage is very doable so this is always an option if you want to use a little bit more material next time.

@Stefan_Williams Agreed! I would only have put mine in for a few seconds with a bite block (biting down on a wooden spoon) and then took them our to dry over night in the open air. Thanks for the photos! there is a good bit of sugru here. Do your units still fit in the charger ok?

I ended up trimming my excess sugru with a carpet knife- they cleaned up really well.

@Kristian definitely! I love dabbling with little ways to make the already fantastic even better. I don’t think a single day goes past where I don’t use the Dash pro in some way. I absolutely love them!



So I’ve taken the plunge and tried to cover my dash pro medium skin in a sugru layer and then inserted into my ear for 2 hours to let the curing begin. I’ve now removed and leaving for 20 hours to fully cure before I try and insert them again.

As above you’ll see I’ve had the tips done like this for a long time and I’ve been very curious about trying it with the body too. I’m aware it looks rough but they came out with zero deformation so the proof will be in the pudding tomorrow evening.

Stay tuned!!! In the meantime here’s some images for you enthusiasts !


Complete and fitting in the case and accommodating the slider. I had to trim little bits and unfortunately I had to remove the little jut out part of ‘stuffed’ (see my annotated image above) which was a water ingress point for me in the shower, but I’m going to give these bad boys a try out in the field tomorrow!!

Here’s a picture