White noise in left ear piece


I just got the dash pro from best buy. I find that the white noise on the left ear piece is significantly higher than the right. I tried exchanging for another pair and the result was the same. Is this normal / expected behavior ?
For music with pauses it sounds almost like the connection is cut and then reconnected again. The noise isn’t really that noticeable when I’m listening at mid level volume or if I’m outdoors where there are bit more ambient noise.


Hey, I have exactly te same issue with the left one.I have just received mine today and it’s like the right is ok but te left one has a rely loud white noise. Could you fix it? Thanks


I have exactly the same issue. I just bought it today and upgraded to OS 3.1, the same. Not a deal breaker, but definitely noticeable. Would like to know if it is a hardware defect so that I can go to replace it.


Yup, my left dash pro has some noise. Hopefully they will fix it with an update or something
Edit: It also randomly hisses even though I am wearing them without any music playing


Got the new dash pro today and have the same issue after version update. Left dash emits hizzing sound when I press PLAY in Itune Music on my phone. It stops when I pause the music. I try it with YouTube and the same issue happens.



Have you tried to reach us via the live-chat section at www.bragi.com? We’re ready to troubleshoot once more so we can solve this.

Kristian - Team Bragi