White noise Dash Pro


I read a few times that the dash suffered from white noise when there wasn’t any music playing, I wonder if this has been fixed with the dash pro?


Hi JD,
I’ve owned my Dash for about 3 or 4 months and have been using it very heavily during that time. I have noticed some very_slight hiss from the earpieces when they are idle. This hiss remains at a constant volume, regardless of the Dash’s volume and, again, is very slight. Your ears quickly compensate in my experience and it becomes hard to notice when idle and impossible to notice when playing music. Overall, I would say that the audio quality from the Dash is very good.

The release notes for Bragi OS 3.0.1 say that work was done for “Reduced audibility of the headphone’s self-noise.” However, I can’t speak for the Dash Pro, specifically.