Where is the console for The Dash in Bos 3.2?


Hi,Bragi and community.

I updated Bos 3.2 just now. My Dash (kickstarter edition)was too.

But, BRAGI app is no response for more function (4D menu,tracking etc.) It’s appear only displayed “Try to DEMO MODE” "Bluetooth connected " and “Bluetooth sensor was not detect”. I’m confused.

Is this app is only support for The Dash PRO?
BRAGI app is can change/ switch function mode for The Dash and The Dash PRO both?


The app and OS3.2 should work fine for Dash 1.0 and Pro alike. These are the only versions.

I’d recommend going into your bluetooth settings and UNPAIRING the Dash from the phone. Then long press the right dash until your device announces that it is visible again and then SCAN for new devices on your phone to try and repair. Once this is successful, then open the Bragi APP and try to connect again.

Good luck!


Thanks for the input and for helping out The Bragi Family Bane.

Much appreciated.

Did you solve it, @ndjp? :slight_smile:



I had immediate problems with the app after both it and the OS updated on the same day. The app wouldn’t connect with the Dash. Everything was solved simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Now, all is fine.


Great to hear! Happy that you figured it our.

Kristian - Team Bragi