Where are we at with a new update?


Just curious if there is still another new update in the works for the dash pro. Like a considerable one with a new feature or two…or are we done with new features for the foreseeable future?
I would love to see some updates to the app for in app battery percent for each dash and other stuff. Also the ability to add music to the onboard storage through the app. Would really love to be able to turn off the audible voice notifications for transparency and volume and other things. I remember reading a while ago that they were told that they are only using like 15% of the potential that they could with the hardware currently used on the dash and dash pro…lets start using up some more bragi! Thanks


Thanks for the feedback! It’s much appreciated, and enables us to develop constantly.

We don’t have any official date for new updates, but be sure that our development team are working on improving our products with future updates :slight_smile:

All the suggestions has been passes to the team.

Greetings from Munich
Kristian - Team Bragi