When will spare FitTips Pro be available in the Bragi Shop?


Topic pretty much covers it. While the Comply Foam replacement tips are OK, they deteriorate on me usually within about 3 weeks. The size selection and design of the FitTips Pro that come with the dash pro are much more comfortable. Will we be seeing these in the shop soon?

PS - the ones I’ve tried from Comply are the ones before they started selling the ones with SweatGuard. Can anyone on the forum here attest to the longevity of the SweatGuard version? If these are lasting folks longer than a couple weeks at a time before falling apart then i’ll Give that version a go.


I am here for the comments. Same issue with you.


I will also be needing oem fittips soon and don’t currently see a solution available


Spare fit tips pro available in the shop now. Just ordered. :+1: