Whats your favorite feature?


I have been a Dash Pro user for a while now and there is no equal out there - at any cost.

Yes - these are on the high side cost wise - but nothing compares and I have done a lot of research

The Dash Pro has many , many features - that some other buds share - but not one out there has them all - and some exclusive ones.

  • Fit - for me - these have fit the best out of the other dozens I have tried.
  • Touch Controls - simple touch controls so you don’t have to mash your ears to get something to work.
  • Sound - with its new Mimi Defined - greater richness is always there!
  • Swimable - Very few have this capability - and I believe these were one of the first.
  • 4GB local storage - again - only a few have this
  • Alexa built in (as well as Google Assistant)
  • ActivityTracker
  • iTranslate - though never used - another great feature
  • Audio Transparency and Windshield - use this all the time - with Audio Transparency on - Windshield can kick in to remove the extra noise from the wind to help bring clarity to your music.
  • 4D Menu - this has to be my favorite feature - while cutting the lawn or jogging with my dog - I am able to change tracks with some simple head gestures with out having to remove gloves to provide the taps required -

Of course - the Bragi OS is also fantastic as it can bring new features as new versions of the OS are expanded .

Thanks for the great product!


Hi Michael,

First of all, thank you so much for the awesome input! We’re truly amazed by the confirmation.

It’s really interesting to see how people are using it differently, and we would be more than happy to hear other opinions :slight_smile:



I like the LightGuide’s light feedback mode – it’s great on and near the dancefloor! :smiley:


Haha, awesome to hear Josh! Keep on rocking it :smiley: :man_dancing: