What earbuds tips are you using? Good replacement options?


Hi All,
I know this problem all too well, I’ve been experimenting with different tips since the original Bragi Dashs’. And my observations is that some modding is needed to get the ‘great seal’. Comply tips are hugely overpriced for what they are, and the build quality is sub par.
The problem with the Dash Pro’s is the shallow sound tube and natural human oils that surround the ears, it’s not a great combination for good fitment. I personally use Shure’s Olive tips, and a bit of blutack. You get 10 Pairs of foams (one size - you choose this from the initial purchase), they also come with wax guards too!
Before installation you must cut down the ear tips to half the size, then roll blutack into a very small and fine string. Wrap the blutack around the groove on the earpiece then insert the Shure foam any excess blutack would expand and can be easily removed. This ensures that the foams won’t ever detach from the earpiece even when wet after 6 months!
To remove and replace foam tips, get your nail and push it in the groove or into the blutack of the earpiece then pull from your fingernail. When remove foam from any iem never use excessive force as this may damage the sound tube.
I have showered, swam and worked out with these headphones and tip combination for 6 - 8 months. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the foam has now lost its compression time. So when you roll the foam it used to take 5 seconds to expand, now it’s more like 2.

I can supply pictures on request, good luck!



I have had the same issue with the bragi tips the foam are great but just don’t last and the silicon are too flimsy to provide a decent seal. I have though found my best result yet, i always keep ear tips and had a selection of Shure se315 silicon tips (I think all the Shure’s are the same). I cut the tube, the opening is so small that it fits very tightly tot he bragi and gives a comfortable seal with much more isolation than I’ve experienced before. Also I didn’t have to mess with the tip part to get it to click back into the charger,they both snap back in without issue. Think Shure sell them on Amazon. If I ever get the effort I’ll throw up video on youtube.


David - did you mean these?


Just got a new set of Comply Truly Wireless tips - going to try them out.
I also feel these don’t seem as good as the ones that came with the Dash Pro - but they do seem to fit well - good noise isolation and they fit in the charger without any modifications.

Time will tell

JUST A NOTE: Amazon has these listed at 65$ for 3 pair (medium) - but I got them at Best Buy for only 25$ - so just remember - Amazon is not always the best deal out there.


Anyone knows good eartips with wings (or just simply earwings) that fit the dash? They seems to be the only solution for me for not losing earphones while jogging…


Just a note on these COMPLY Premium Tips -
I don’t like them - whilst the seem to ‘fit’ the Dash Pro , they dont sit as well in the charger nor are they holding in the ear canal well enough (I keep having to readjust them every 10 minutes or so.)

I cannot recommend these …ug


I have been using INAIRS AIR3 (https://amazon.de/gp/product/B014YKEWIC) for a week now because my silicon fit sleeves are tearing. I’m quite pleased with the INAIRS, but they need to be cut a little shorter with a sharp knife. Otherwise, they won’t fit into the charging case. They are quite comfortable and perform well. Let’s see how they look in a month or two.


I’m using the silicon sport sleeves but have improved the isolation and sound quality by adding Sugru to the tips. I peeled back the tip wrapped a bit of sugru around it then fit it into my ear, put on the audio transparency and left it there for about 30 minutes, then took them out and left the sugru to harden overnight (making sure they still clicked into the charger). There’s afew videos on youtube on how to do this, i would just advise using a little bit less, and f possible get eh black sugru as this looks seamless on the device. Very impressed with this and hold in the ear brilliantly.