What earbuds tips are you using? Good replacement options?


I have the dash pro and I love the foam tips that came with them. The fit tips pro, as they were called. They are all starting to wear out now tho and I tired the comply foam truly wireless foam replacements and they all ripped off of the rubber backing when I would take them out. All 3 pairs only lasted me a month or so.
What kind of tips are you all using for the dash or dash pro?.. Or the headphone i guess they are all the same in that aspect…


Comply Truly Wireless have the best for all of Bragi products. Excluding the Starkey custom fit


I disagree strongly on that, as I tried them and all 3 pairs were ripped off the rubber backing of them within 45 days. I do use them daily for at least 4 hrs, and sweat in them as well, but they have a sweat guard so I assumed they would’ve held up to that. They obviously didn’t as I am posting about it. The ones that came with the dash pro were far superior for me. I would try out some silicone/foam hybrid ones if I could find any that would fit them and still have them fit in the charger. That’s what I was hoping to find out if anyone else had found anything that fits other than the comply foam truly wireless ones


Jee I am so sorry to hear that the Comply tips didn’t cut it for you I do to work out and sweat even wore them in the shower and they do deteriorate over time and as any foam tip they lose there properties. I did also use a pair of beats tips and they wouldn’t stay on the Dash actually they came off in my ear canal and I had to retrieve them with tweezers. Delicately of course. The silicon tips that came with the Dash let to much sound escape for me. But everyone’s ear canals are unique. That is why I now have the Starkey version. You can’t go wrong with these baby’s. I see where there are some hacks for tips on U Tube they might help you out.


Did you ever find good replacement tips @Dtitus6297 ?

I completely agree with you that the comply tips are absolute rubbish. Last about a month tops and about £25 for 3 pairs… what a rip! Unfortunately I didn’t find the bragi supplied tips any better as they all ripped apart pretty quick except the smallest ones and I get zero base with them


Jay, Please provide me with your email :slight_smile:


I’m on my last pair of the bragi fit tips still. The inside ripped out and I hours it back in and it’s still holding for now. One of these times I will go to take them out and it will be stuck in my ear canal again…thats not fun picking out


Please provide your email, so I can follow up on this personally :slight_smile:



With my two Headphones I have been using Comply foam tips and they have provided excellent sound quality. However, the build quality is so light that they never last more than a couple of months at most and disintegrate, so I have gone through a few pairs. I bought the Dash Pro yesterday and, after much frustrated back and forthing with the various supplied tips, have settled on the small fit sleeves. The left fit fine straight away and sealed nicely, the right gave me more trouble but eventually settled in. Time will tell if they continue to seal well.


Just found out the habra elite sport tips fit in the dash also except for the funny wing tipped ones. They have foam ones and silicone ones. The foam seem about the same as bragi but I like the silicone ones that java uses better. Just my opinion on it


I bought 4 Bragi The dash but i couldn´t find original replacement foam tips. Where I can find it?


You can buy the Comply Foam Tip at the following website:

Let me know if there is anything else Leandro :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Unfortunately Kristian people have been saying the Comply Foam Tips (Truly Wireless) are not a good replacement - not because they dont fit but because they are not a good product and become unusable after a period of time -
I just bought a set of the comply tips from Best Buy (20$ US) and right out of the box they seemed not as good as the original set of foam ear tips I got from my Dash Pro

Oddlly enough - all 3 pairs of tips seem as if they are all the same size and to be honest - are ill fitting.

I would rather buy a new set from Bragi as these were working the best - are those available for purchase?


I have tried the comply foam tips and I didn’t like them. Perhaps my ears are too big but they just sounded bad and I’ve heard they degrade. What I have done is just got some silicone replacement tips off amazon. They sound amazing with the Dash, and you don’t have to worry about them degrading over time. The only downside is that the headphones will not charge in the charger with the tips installed so I just remove them and rest them inside when I need to charge. I have several pairs of the silicone tips, but I’ve only had to use one pair for the past year or two.


I agree about the Comply tips. They only come in one size. They never stay in. I think they are not big enough for my giant ears. I have tried every combination of the Dash Pro tips and sleeves, including putting the largest included FitTips and then covering them in the largest FitSleeve. That worked best but still I occasionally lost the seal, and thus bass went out and outside noise came in.

I stumbled upon the perfect solution for me by accident. After having the Dash and Dash Pros for the past two years, I decided to try of the Anker Zolo Liberty+ earphones because of good early reviews and the low price ($149). They have a BT 5.0 link (which my Galaxy S8 supports), making the connection rock solid compared to the Dash Pros. The Liberty+s do not have offline storage/playback or fitness functions, but are $149 and kick the crap out of the Airpods in terms of fit and sound quality. And they give the Dash Pros a real run for the money in streaming audio quality. They have more bass, but the Dash Pros throw a better sound stage. In the end, hardware quality problems, combined with the lack of offline playback and fitness functionality made me put them aside and go back to my Dash Pros.

Nonetheless, I was still frustrated with the lack of good seal on the Dash Pros compared with the Liberty+ buds. I decided to try putting the Zolo ear tips on the Dash Pros. Voila! Perfect fit, isolation and way better overall sound from the Pros compared to Comply or stock FitTips/FitSleeves. The tips easily and securely fit the Pros without any concern for slippage. I have been using this combo for the past five or sixmonths.

I have gone back to the Zolo site many times over the past months to see if it was possible to buy another set of the tips as a backup. I was told via tech support that Zolo would offer them at some time, but still no luck. i will keep checking and will report back if they show up. I strongly encourage every Dash or Pro owners to try them out if they become available.


Thanks for the info as I have completely given up on the Comply tips - they are horrible.


Just ordered these and going to try out - was about $5 for Prime members (shipped)!


I just bought the eartips that @Seth_Davis suggested and for 5$ why not try…
These seem great! the Bass on the sound has dramatically improved.

The fit is soft and natural and seem to work well with the Bragi/Pro design. The fit to the Bragi feels solid and not week as to pull off when you remove them from your ears.

There are 12 pieces , S/M/L - while the Small and Medium seem to fit fine in the Charger - the LARGE I believe will be too big.

I am glad I got these and look forward to long use.

These are NOT foam type tips - they are rubber silicone


I talked with the folks at Anker and convinced them to sell me a couple of replacement pairs of the large tips. Now, I am set if I lose any. I also went ahead and ordered the replacement tips recommended by @Seth_ Davis. Looks like supply is dwindling at Amazon.


They are wonderful, so long as they last, which unfortunately isn’t long as they disintegrate within a month or so. I have used a great many of these with The Headphone; they give a great seal and comfortable fit, but they are just uneconomical to buy.