Warranty. charger pin broken


My Dash Pro was bought in HK through an authorized dealer last Dec. The charger PIN was broken last month and when I checked with the Authorized Agent (Leader Radio Technologies) in HK, they said the 1-year warranty is for the Dash Pro earphone only, but not for the Charger Pro. The warranty for the charger is only 3 months. I found it so ridiculous but the problem is the charger pro is consistently out of stock even I’m willing to pay for a new one. Where on earth can I get a new charger?


Hi Steve! I’ve send you a DM :slight_smile:

Please check your inbox.



Still waiting after 1 year for them to have in stock the charger cause i have the same issue with the pin, I’ve sent pictures to the bragi team and serial number of my bragi but unfortunately don’t have my ticket after more then one year woth them but so sad they can even sell me the charger cause still out of stock. The worst investment of my life


Hi… Same boat. The left pin of the charger has broken and no replacement available… What can I do? I was using it daily… Really liked it… :frowning: please help!


OK I better re read everything before I post it sorry. have had great success with them in the in the past with question and they did send me a new charger rather quickly several months ago. until this incident usually they get back to me within 24 hours. over a month ago I sent two chargers and – pros back to them for service for a broken pin and left side not breathing. they said 7 to 10 days for service. about two weeks after they received it I emailed them, was told it would be A bit longer. Sent them an email 2 days ago. Still nothing. In the meantime they sent me a survey request on how I would rate their customer service I give it a few days to get back to them. Went to replyand it will not allow for an answer not sure what’s going on getting rather frustrated


Same boat also. And very disappointed with their customer service and website service. I have brought another charger online after my old one left side bin broken. First, they told me shipped the charger, but after few mail to their customer service and clarify nothing have been shipped finally.

A month later, i found out they closed the package state page and nothing replied from the customer service. It is unbelievable.