Warranty. charger pin broken


has anyone had their dash pro pin broken. if so how was your experience working with the support team to get a replacement charger with the 1 year warranty.

having a terrible time getting fast response from support


I am in the same boat. I bought my Dash Pro new but the seller was on eBay. Its frustrating because the Pro isn’t even a year old. There is an obvious quality issue with the product that should be fixed without question.


Thanks for reaching out @faithon22 & @Mat_Andresen!

Can you please provide your ticket number? Then I can follow up personally :slight_smile:

/ Kris - Team Bragi


my case number is 2387020. please help me. i havent used my dash and havent recieved an email from bragi, specifically the person handling the dash pro charger issue case… please help


recieved my warranty replacement charger. thank you the dash pro team. MUCH APPRECIATED



Amazing @faithon22 :heart_eyes:

We’re thankful that you’re sharing the good stories.

Cheers from Munich,
Kristian and Your Team Bragi


I am having the same issue! I love my Bragi but the charger pin is broken and the left dash doesn’t work. Please, can a replacement be sent?


Sorry to hear that Kassie! Great that you love your Dash :slight_smile:

In order to initiate the replacement, I would kindly ask you to contact the Support Team at support@bragi.com.

Let me know if there is anything else.



I have already contacted them but I have had no reply via email yet! How long does it take to receive a reply?


You should receive a reply within 24 hours :slight_smile:

Do you have a Ticket Number? Then I can follow up.


I wasn’t given one - I spoke to Tony on the online chat and he emailed me via Team Bragi, and I replied to his email but still haven’t heard anything back yet.

Many thanks!



I just experienced the same issue! I have bought mine from Best Buy and this morning the pin connector for the left Dash Pro broke in the case and sadly now they are useless… as someone who travels a lot and is a cyclist this is very heart breaking for me because I use the Dash Pro’s on a daily and now I must go without earbuds on road rides and when traveling. They are less than a year old. Is there anything that can be done about this?


Hi Kassie,

Thanks for reaching out. What’s your Case ID? :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi



Sorry to hear that you Charger has broken. Please reach us via support@bragi.com, providing a picture of the Broken Charger Pin, The Invoice and a Serial Number.

Then we can help you solving the issue.

Kristian - Team Bragi


I find this interesting when I had a broken pin on my charger and had to repurchase it.
The agent stated it wasn’t under the warranty and i was within my one year of purchase.


Can you please provide your Case ID so I can follow up personally on this? :slight_smile:



I don’t have my case number anymore but i am sure the email remains there.


Please provide your email then! :slight_smile:




I have this same problem, pin in left charger is broken, can you help me?


Have you been in contact with our Support Team yet?

They can help you checking the warranty of the device, in order to replace it :slight_smile: