Voucher for KS backers


Now I received offer from two people, but one does not have forum account. Also both of them already told me replyable email. So I’ll change rule to decide winner. Simply I’ll shake a dice to decide a winner and after that will send my voucher via email.


Hi dekker,
Have you already shook a dice for the voucher?


Yah, I did it and send my voucher to the winner.


Awhh I didn’t get the voucher then:(
Is anyone else willing to part with their spare voucher?? Pm me:)


I love my KS Dash and am very tempted with the Pro, but it only moves the needle a little compared to the Starkey Pro.

I would absolutely get the Pro/Starkey version in a heartbeat with a voucher. I’d simply expect being able to apply the KS voucher discount to the Starkey, not any additional discount.


Hi! I also backed the KS Dash and would love to buy the Pro to resolve the bluetooth issue.
However, I never received a voucher. How did you received it? Is it only the US backer for now?


Vouchers were sent out 6 weeks ago by email to kickstarter backers. Definitely not US only as I’m UK based and received mine fine


Never got mine. Maybe it got trashed in the spam. It’s a shame…


Easily rectified. I’d email bragi support with your backer ID and just let them know you had been missed out.


Anyone still has a voucher? Would love to buy the Pro for the dicounted price…mine was stolen last month:-( If so. please let me know or send it to sanderwat@gmail.com. Thanx a lot!