Voucher for KS backers


I’d really like to get the Dash features with the Headphone Bluetooth signal. But I’m a bit concerned as well.
Thinking back, my current Dash is the third one I received. The first one, with the KS markings was returned along with the replacement one. I have another Dash that I got my son but he gave it back because of the Bluetooth. He now has a Headphone.
I’m a Bragi fan and I appreciate the difficulties with making the Dash work. But, even with the voucher, $250 is a lot if I still have to hold the phone in my right hand to stream anything,
If the voucher doesn’t expire, I might wait a month. My Dash still works when I’m running with the stored music and I can use my Headphones when I want to stream.


Initial reports about the Bluetooth have been positive. I’m on my 3rd pair too. My Housemate and my brother have returned twice with issues too. Ironically, my first kickstarter pair were my best functioning pair with usable Bluetooth indoors and kind of OK outdoors. I’m an idiot and put them through a 2 hour hot cycle in the washing machine! They actually survived 95% functionality - I was so imoressed but the water pressure broke a filament and my mic for voice calls no longer worked. All else was working fine though - a serious testimony to the units. Also big respect to Bragi who gave me a 10% ‘you’re an idiot’ discount which was not at all required and really super kind them. New buys since then haven’t been as reliable though. I’m in the process of rma for my current pair.

OK update - I was weak and tried to order my dash pro there and found the shop only accepts credit cards right now which is a problem for me. Frustrating - I never use my card and it’s got too small a limit at the moment. I will need to try and get it increased in guess. Awkward to buy!


The voucher I got is only good for 67€/75$. :confused:

Do you treat your fellow German customers worse than others, or is it just me?


So any word if this is good for the customized Pro model? That is really the one to get as a logical next step for owners of the original Dash. And Bragi sees the same profit margin on their end. With what seems like an overwhelming positive response for the custom model let’s get a movement going…Custom Dash Pro for KS Matters!




Same here, did request Bragi to give an explanation.


Another KS backer who would REALLY like to have the voucher applicable to the Starkey model. Just the same reduction in price, not the same price — I wouldn’t expect to pay the same for both, but the same amount off would be great.


Right, got my credit card sorted out and have now ordered here we go!


Original KS backer here also any possibility we can apply this to the Starkley edition also as I won’t upgrade otherwise.


Since you got your credit card sorted out, why not go for the Starkey edition, mate? :slight_smile:


Little bit pricey. I’m based in Northern Ireland so no facilities at the moment for me. Plus, honestly, myself and my other 2 friends who owned a dash have been through at least 3 pairs after returns each… And I’m in process of rmaing my 3rd. I don’t want to risk £400 and a custom mould. I’ll save my custom experience for my 1964 ears triple driver iems which are awesome!


I’ve received voucher also, but Bragi cannot ship to my country Japan. :cry:
I wish they’ll ship as well as original KS model some day!


I can understand the frustration of not being able to receive the product… got any contacts in countries where they do deliver? It’s a roundabout but they could send it to Japan after receiving it for you! Just a penny-for-thought.


Is there anyone that isn’t planning on using their voucher code? I would gladly be interested in it so I can buy, try and review the dash pro… and it won’t go to waste? I hope what I’ve requested is possible and many thanks for considering my request.


Could not agree more with what is been written regarding having the vouchers usable for both the standard Dash Pro as well as the Starkey custom version. I have been going strong with my original KS version (#5928C) but would love a custom fit pair with improved Bluetooth and sound. Not really interested in the Standard Dash Pro as an upgrade to what I already have. Hoping like many of you that the fine people at Bragi will consider this.


Voucher? Where to be able to get this?


Generally, this type of voucher is seems to be delivered to all KS backers via e-mail, even whom live in un-shippable country like me.
If you’re not KS backers, the voucher may not be delivered.


So, @Dean, have we definitely heard that we can’t use the voucher for the Starkey model?


Hi, everyone.
I asked Bragi team that if I can present my voucher to someone who lives in country where Dash Pro can be delivered.
The answer is as below.
“We love to hear from our Dash lovers :slight_smile: Please feel free to give your voucher to anyone else. The voucher can only be used once :)”.

So I’d like to give it to someone in this forum thread.
Is there someone who want my voucher that can allow to purchase a Dash Pro for the special price of $249 ?
Then, if you want to get the voucher, please follow the procedure.

1st. : Email me your keyword (please be secret to everyone in this forum at this time) . For example, mail the keyword “Bounding-frogs!9964” , your handle name and your country to the address "dekker_forwarder@shitmail.org".
(notes: This address is for mail transfer only to keep my privacy.
Please generate your original keyphrase. Do not use my example above :slight_smile: )
And deadline is set till 00:00 JST, June.11th, for around 2 days.
2nd. : After 2days, I’ll announce to this forum thread asking to open a keyword above. Then you write your keyword “Bounding-frogs!9964”, I can confirm just you are the right person who send the email the keyword.
3rd. : Next I’ll decide winner for voucher , if more than 2 people apply to this, I’ll decide winner by shaking a dice.
Final : I’ll announce your (winner’s) handle name and present my voucher via e-mail.
(Please keep in mind I’ll use different email address to send voucher from the 1st step.)



@Dean, letting you know I’m an original Kickstarter backer per your request. I received the Kickstarter voucher and attempted to purchase the Dash Pro (I’m located in the U.S.), but I kept on getting an error message. I replied to the voucher email advising of the issue and will await a response.

However, I’m also interested in the possibility of using the voucher for the Dash Pro by Starkey as many others on this thread. Any chance it’s an option?