Voucher for KS backers


Hi All,

Very excited by the evolution of The Dash! Being one of the original (and proud) backer, I was very grateful to receive the email regarding the voucher.

Now comes the rub…are there any particular reasons why the voucher is limited to Dash Pro? I would have happily bought the Starkey version as it is real step up from The Dash (vs. a solid iteration that is Dash Pro).

Not sure what others think…am I being unreasonable?




I concur with everything written. So happy to see Bragi continue to reach out to KS backers and offer exclusive discounts. With that said I’m not so sure I would upgrade to the Dash Pro. For comparison it seems like the “s” version of an iPhone.

With that said if Bragi extended a similar discount for the Starkey edition, I would purchase now.

Kevin Van


Totally - would immediately buy the Starkey version if there voucher applied


I’d like to be sure that the Bluetooth signal with the Pro had been improved before spending another $250.
I’m a big Bragi fan. I’ve purchased 2 Dashes and three Headphones for myself and my wife & my son. My son gave me back his Dash because of the limited Bluetooth signal. As a 21 year old, he always streams from his phone. He now has a Headphone.
I now use my Dash only when I’m running or cycling without needing my phone.

That being said, the Virtual 4D Menu is way cool…


I agree and will be availing of the 14 day money back policy they list on site. Buy, test Bluetooth and only keep if it’s actually stable.


I also agree. Any official word on how the Bluetooth connection has been improved (e.g., with Knowles Tech, Bluetooth 5, LDAC, or aptX) would be highly appreciated. I mean, the Bluetooth issues have been the only flaw of the previous version and been known since the beginning, so I expect it to be solved. I won’t buy the same product just for a longer battery life. Back then, when the Headphones were released, I had the same concern and contacted their support. They told me that they feature the “Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers” but not how it would improve the Bluetooth quality or range. What are the actual benefits of these different Knowles technologies?


It was said in the presentation that the Dash bluetooth hardware now functions on par with the Headphone. Any reviews I’ve read of the headphone have claimed stable connection in any pocket on their person and even range walking away from the device so hopefully this rings true :smiley:


I can attest to the Bluetooth range on the Headphones.
When I’m mowing my lawn, I keep my phone in the lower pocket of an old pair of cargo shorts and I never lose the signal. I like the noise cancelling.
If the Dash Pro has that level of connectivity, I’m in.


Really bolstering my confidence man, thanks for sharing.


Agree also - I’d love to use the voucher on the fitted version, but first they need to release the fitted version in my country! :slight_smile:


Is there an official answer on if the voucher that we will get will also work with the pro starkey?


If any body decides they are not using their voucher, I would be very grateful!


@bragi is it possible to get a quick status update on the email voucher delivery? I’m looking forward to placing my order :smiley:

EDIT Bragi updated on vouchers here Dash Pro - Let us know your thoughts


I only found out about Bragi from Amazon one day when I was on their Launchpad page. I ordered immediately. I stuck with the Dash and even posted several detail reviews on Amazon and other sites.
Now that BOS3 is out, I love my Dash even more.

But I would swap it for the Dash Pro in a heart beat.

Can an original KS campaign backer please email me their voucher if they got one they won’t be using?


@Dean, any chance you can clarify? Thanks!


@Dean what voucher? I don’t believe I got one and i’m backer 201, also I don’t know how to reply to get the kickstarter badge?


My voucher just arrived


@bane, I got mine to.
So are you ordering now and hoping for a better Bluetooth experience?


just got my voucher also, how long does the voucher last? I really want to see reviews of the Pro before purchasing


Well that was the plan (they have a 14 day money back guarantee advertised on site so if bt wasn’t what I need I’d return.). However! I’m really disheartened that 5 cases in here are all suffering from the same left unit malfunction! I’m not less enthused to order immediately in case there is a bad batch currently shipping. It’s really taken the wind out of my sails and I’m no longer excited about the improvements, I’m worried about a non functioning device and a long delivery / rma procedure.

What are your thoughts?