Voucher for backers (again)


Hi all,
I got a new voucher from Bragi team, but I’m living in Japan where not to be shipped.
This voucher allows to purchase The Dash Pro for the special price of $249 instead of $329.
Is anybody who want this ?
If have interest about this, email to "dekker_forwarder@shitmail.org", I’ll pass the voucher code as a holiday gift :slight_smile:
First come will be a winner.
Time limit is for 2days from today.


Doesn’t anybody need voucher any more ?
I’ll extend time limit till X’mas.
This voucher will be valid on online purchases in the Bragi Shop till the 31.12.2017.
So if you someone will be still interested in this, I’ll pass it over.


Hi Dekker, Yes I def want it! Hope so:-)


Thank you for replying !
I have received several applications, so I’ll close this offer now.
I’ll throw a dice and send voucher email to winner.
Please wait for a moment.


Still available by any chance???