Volume Level and Hiss Issues



New user here. Charged the Headphones up and got them to work a little. Right off the bat, I’ve noticed that the volume level is quite low and there’s a hiss going on.

Does anyone else have this issue?



My Headphone (Bragi HP 49) performs flawlessly (except when kept near a Dash). I think you should contact support.


Full disclosure: I knew about the LightGuide charging issue when I described The Headphone as flawless. My bad.


I have the Dash with update 3.2, and the hiss is so noticeable I almost returned them. I hear it when music is paused and when playing at low volume. I don’t understand how people can say it is fixed!


You’re right, The Dash has some hiss – although I don’t think it’s that bad, myself. You’re also right that in the circa Bragi OS 3.0 release notes they said they made improvements to the noise floor or something. The hiss is fixed in The Dash Pro and I think in The Headphone, too. Not sure if Bragi meant to say whether the hiss was a hardware or software issue.

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