Very bad bluetooth


So I bought my dash maybe almost 2 years ago by now. At first it was a very exciting purchase. I never had a bluetooth ear bud before. I had bluetooth headset but never ear buds so I was so excited to hit the gym with it. For the first year I really never had a bluetooth problem. Maybe a hiccup here and there but all I had to do was restart the connection and it usually good to go! But after that year till now I have the most horrible bluetooth experience i ever had with any device. I updated the dash made sure it wasn’t my phone and still till this day I can’t hold a connection in my pocket to stream music with out it cutting off like a pissed off DJ at a teen rave party. I never been so frustrated with any product. Bragi claims that firmware update will solve all its problem EVENTUALLY. But its 2018, and when my connection is good in my right pocket at the gym I can’t even have my hand in between the phone to my freaking right ear without it disrupting my connection. Do you know how hard it is to that. Now I have to wear a belt clip at the gym for my phone just to be able to hear anything but like I said if I bend the wrong way for have anything between my hip to my ear it’s a connection that so choppy Gordon Ramsey would use it to chop onions. Spending the amount of money I did I expected a great connection at least. Please bragi fix this problem! I’ll be spreading the word about this product till then so people won’t have the hair pulling frustration I’m having.



Thanks for reaching out. We’re really sorry to heat that you’ve had issues with the Bluetooth Connection in your The Dash.

I would kindly ask if you have been in contact with our Support Team yet?

We can try to help you troubleshooting in order to improve the connection.

// Kristian


Got the same problem, my dash is about 2 years.
The last 6 month, the connection has bin really bad.
I can’t have the phone (OnePlus 3) in my pocket Whit out connection lost.
How to fix it…?


Thanks for reaching out!

Did you update to BOS 3.2 yet?