Updating The Headphone / no sound left


my left earbud isn’t working and has never. The descriptions here on the forum seem to be partially by confused The Dash owners, so it’s not quite clear which remedies should work. I’ve however tried a significant number. The two earbuds do not blink synchronously when in the charging cradle, but I waited till both of them were fully lit before trying again, but without luck. I also tried pressing + & - for 5 seconds, but to no avail.

Is there a firmware update available? It seems as if the updater is only for the dash variants. Also, any other ideas what I could do to (re)sync the two?



Thanks for creating the topic, in order to get rid of the confusion :slight_smile:

Have you tried to contact our Technical Support Team yet? They’re ready to assist you with troubleshooting steps.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Make it a great day :slight_smile:

Your Team Bragi

Hi @Kristian,

I missed your response here, but I have contacted support via the form on the website a day before I opened this topic. I have yet to receive a response, and tbh, am less than impressed. Response times of two weeks for support requests as well as an apparently frequently non-functioning product do not leave a good impression.

I am not sure how sarcastic you were being in regards to confusion, but the current threads are badly moderated and it’s impossible to gain any understanding. I do not understand how for such a common problem there is not a centralized FAQ with proposed remedies somewhere.




Another week without response. Looks like I’ll just throw them in the trash. Color me less than impressed. No reply from support in nearly a month, no public communication about potential self debugging…


Thanks for getting back - Apologises for the late response.

The Support Team answers within 24 hours normally! Can you please provide your ticket number, or personal email in order for me to follow up?

Kristian - Team Bragi

I sent you a PM with my details.

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Check your inbox :slight_smile:


I received my Dash Pro yesterday. I updated it as per Bragi instructions from 3.0.2 to 3.2.0. I was so excited to get these & use them that I popped them in my ears & I heard nothing. No Ding, No Successful Update, it was nothing but silence. I followed the re-run the update, the reset protocol, & I got nothing but goose eggs. I Placed help request #385314. Any help would be appreciated because I don’t want to send them back.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out! Our agent Lea came back to you 1 hour ago. Please let us know if you have any further questions! I would recommend having the conversation with her, as she’s our Technical Customer Agent.

Kristian - Team Bragi

i am facing problem with my right ear piece when i play something the right earbud has very low sound whereas my left earpiece works normally.I have charged them also but then also it does’t work. I send you an email also but you didn’t respond to it. Please help.

I’m sorry to hear that!
Can you please provide your Case ID so I can follow up with Customer Support immediately?


Sometimes the respond ends up in the spam folder - did you get the chance to check it out?

Please check the topic:

I’ve provided some possible solutions here :slight_smile:


I have the same problem (for clarity, I’m referring to Bragi The Headphone, NOT the Dash). Left bud is not charging, or at least the LED flickers momentarily when first placed in the charging unit, then nothing. When the right bud is showing fully charged and I connect to my phone, wearing both buds, the left one is dead. Yes, I’ve cleaned and ensured proper connection of the bud to the pins, and still no improvement whether the foam insert is covering the buds in the charger or not. Like a previous commenter, I feel like throwing them in the bin.