*UPDATE* Android app still to be released. (Anyone got iTranslate working?)


I installed the! Recent versions of bragi and iTranslate software. Bragi support page says to click in the Bluetooth button in the bottom left of the app but I don’t have one. No joy in the advanced settings either. Have I missed something?


I don’t have it either Bane…



The iTranslate App is available for iOS only for now, maybe that’s why. But according to their Website it’s coming soon to Android.



Interesting Chris. it appears that I have it in the Play Store however maybe it’s not the correct application? Unless it’s the new version that is still to come to Android?


I was able to download iTranslate app on Android.


Forgot to mention that app got updated the same day as Bragi’s app got updated so I’m assuming that the latest version supports Bragi now.


Thanks cool dude. Can you see their reputed Bluetooth icon on the bottom left and get it to work like a conversation? The version I had didn’t seem to have any option to associate a Bluetooth device.


Confirmed guys, Android coming soon


I’ve have tested it yet since my Dash is not working correctly after the update.


Oh no what’s up man?


Make sure you have the right App. It is the App with the globe ICON. I translate pro. I downloaded the version for $6.99 and realized that is the wrong app. The correct app is free but has a subscription fee. You can try for 30 days for free.

My issue is I cannot get the Dash to connect to the App. If you read the support page it says the Bragi app will open once you hit the connect button. It does that but can never connects. Revolves through several message from making sure you Dash is in your ear, make sure the Dash is not connected to another app on your phone, etc… not sure how to correct the issue.


Thanks for the tip. With regards to your dash can I check that you have taken them out and then unpaired them in your Bluetooth settings? Then reset them, then pair of the right first followed by the left and the app I know that since updating to os 3.0 a long press on my left unit no longer launches the discoverable mode but my app seems to have found it ok otherwise


So it’s not this one?


I thought it was but I guess not directly on the website they claim it only available for iOS a present and Android is to follow. by the way I’m dictating all of these updates using the dash it’s fantastic


How are you dictating the updates? Is that through itranslate or Siri?


I’m running Android 6.0 and using the built in voice to text feature that you can access from the keyboard. So it’s like sending a text using the Dash + Assistant except I’m just looking at the screen and speaking the text.


Yes, that is the app.


It’s Version 5.0 we need though which according to their own site is only available for IOS at the moment and in progress for android. That version in the play store is something like 4.6 I think.


So has anyone on IOS played around with the iTranslate app and the Dash then?



I have tested it a bit. The translation functionality is fairly accurate. I guess my expection was a little too high for setup though. You have to actually select the language you want translated. The video was a little misleading in that it looked like all you had to do was hit the left Dash and wallah it worked. I had to connect to the app, and the app must be open and the language you want to translate selected. If you have two people that speak different languages it would be very cumbersome to make it work as you would have go into the app each time and select the language before each person spoke before it will translate. If anyone else feels differently, I would love to know how to set up several languages at once. But for a conversation with one person in one language it is pretty slick once you have the setup done.