Transparency auto off at high sound decibel levels


I am interested in using my Dash for hearing protection. I would like to be able to use both left & right Dash with audio transparency ON so that I may hear what is going on around me. But sometimes on the job site it becomes loud while running a saw or other tools and the transparency actually amplifies that sound and it becomes very loud. I would love to use the transparency but have an auto OFF feature once the environment reaches above a certain decibel level. Then maybe auto detect once the environment has reached a safe level to re activate the transparency.

Hope this makes since. Thoughts?


I second this suggestion. I do some recreational shooting and use a large pair of electronic ear muffs. They have mics in them that allow me to carry on conversations and hear environmental noise but when shooting, there is a digital filter that actually stops the audio transmission when sounds above a certain decibel are detected. So, I never have to remove these from my ears when shooting.

It’d be great if this was just another feature the Dash was capable of so I wouldn’t have to buy another product or continue using my large, hot electronic ear muffs. I could just grab my “jack of all trades” Dashes.