Translocation app


I am new here but I am Bragi dash backer since bigining , I got the dash long time before but nevertheless I was disappointed by it on glance because of disconnectivity issue first and after when I found out the lack of body temperature feature and oxygen sensor ( as per their initial advertising) so I stopped using it , however now that there is little bit improvement after the updates and especially after the availability of features to pair with third party applications I hope I can use it !
Anyone can advise a translator app that can work with Dash -without extra subscription fees like i translator -!!
Also , is there is any 3d party application that is dedicated for indoor weightlifting that can team up with Dash?
Thank you


Hey Rami. Only thing I can add here is that the itranslate integration is currently only available for IOS . It’s not currently available for Android, subscription or not.

Have you tried using Google translate with the Dash connected perhaps?



Hi Bane
Thank u for ur comment
I am using iOS,
no I didn’t try google translator with Bragi… I didn’t know google translator offers any Bluetooth connectivity with any 3d party device but i’ll Try and let you know
thank you for the advice


I’m more picturing having the headset connected and just using your microphone or ‘voice to text’ button to dictate your phrase. It should default to your Bluetooth headset I think. But I’m not certain. Good luck