Trade-in / Upgrade option


Has Bragi thought about Trade-in / Upgrade options for customers with the current THE DASH? Give an option to trade-in or upgrade to the dash pro or the dash tailored by starkey. Apply the face value of the current product towards a newer or high cost product. Just a thought…


No I don’t they are going to offer that.


Perhaps email them to ask if they do something like this.


You may find an audiologist who will give a small discount for upgrading, but it would not be substantial.


Just sell them on Craigslist/ eBay. You should be able to get $100-150 for The Dash considering it is brand new for $207 on Amazon and others now.

That’s what I’ll be doing. I consider that I paid for that depreciation for the option to use them for a year (actually less in my case).


Let’s hope that the Bragi OS doesn’t became as Google OS every time there’s an update some of the older phones are left out…