Tracking Running


Can we change what is tracked and announced in the headphone? I could care less about steps. I rather know how far in miles I have went, my current pace per mile, my total time, and my heart rate.

Also stopping the activity is a mystery. Please fix.



I think you can get a distance travelled figure when you track an activity through the app and you have enabled the setting in the application. The only issue I’ve found is when I enable the location service the location icon in notification panel seeks to continuously stay open even after you close the Bragi app… Until you force close the app.


I do not want to bring my phone for one and i rather have the distance announced while running. Steps mean nothing to anyone really.


Thanks for your suggestions and feedback once again!

At the moment it’s not possible to tailor the things provided while using the AutoTracking.

We’re collecting and discussing all the suggestions for future updates and releases :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

All the best,