Track fitness activities


I basically don’t run or swim. But I do regular exercises like kettlebell, weight lifting and boxing. I’d love to track just the duration and heart rate of these activities. And I’d love to see a profile of my heart rate during that exercise.
So I think a general “Track activity” would do it…


in a pinch I reckon you could just start a running activity. it’ll still give you your heart rate average every 5 or 10 mins… whatever it usually is, and will keep track of your time. just you obviously won’t be running.

I had suggested in the thread mason started for ideas to include an interval training option on the app so you could set a number of rounds… and the duration of the round as well as the rest period in the bragi app and get a 10 countdown before the rest starts and then again before the next round begins


I noticed when I used Google Fit to detect exercises the heart rate would be imported from the Bragi app to Google Fit.