Touch Lock + Head gestures


Today I tried using head gestures after turning on touch lock through the buds (not the app).
To my surprise touch lock disabled after I had used the head gesture to start playing music.

I was able to duplicate it.

Android 8.0
Nexus 6P
Bragi Dash
BOS 3.0.1


I’ll try this out at lunch time and see if I can replicate Ves


Negative from me. Touch luck remains active after playing and pausing mystic through the 4D menu.


I actually had a similar problem with the 4D menu: I found that TouchLock is disabled after invoking the assistant (Siri, in my case.) I reported the issue to support some time ago and would expect it to be fixed with Bragi OS 3.1.

However, just yesterday I noticed that TouchLock was disabled after making a phone call. I haven’t reported this to support yet, as I’m wondering if the fix for the assistant invocation will also fix the issue when making calls.

I’ll try to remember to post an update here when 3.1 is released.

Kind regards,


Forgot to update, support confirmed this is an issue and expect it to be fixed in the next update.