Totally lost on how/when touch controls work


Folks I could use some help. The app didn’t do a good job of explaining a complicated product. I understand about 90% of the features for the Dash Pro, but get the controls wrong often and don’t understand why. See numbers below:

  1. Activating touch lockout- Doesn’t activate by holding both left and right dash, instead it disconnects from my phone and goes back into pair mode.
  2. Activating Voice Assistant- At first I enabled shortcut to activate Siri but it wouldn’t work at all. Looked in iphone for Siri or Microphone permissions to enable for Bragi but found nothing. Then a few days later after loading music onto my dash pro, I changed shortcut to one of the music-related shortcuts and bingo, it worked, but for Siri…Is there a delay after you change the shortcut or something? Even trying to activate voice assistant by “holding right dash for 1 sec” just disconnects from phone again! :frowning:
  3. Hidden control shortcut menu- Just got a dash pro? Want to know how to do all basic controls? Hmmm just go to controls menu…ah ha, touch controls, that must be it…nope doesn’t explain controls via L and R dash. Instead there is a hidden menu with a very small letter next to image of each. This would be fine if there was a short video or animation explaining all this, but you are left to figure it out. I don’t understand the different menu “categories”.
    3a) There is an overall control menu with 5 shortcuts relating to music controls…when is that menu “active”? Also, i’m playing pandora music and swipe is working the volume, tap is playing and pausing respectively, but i can’t seem to get the 2x or 3x tap to work to skip a song or go back. Oh figured this one out!- sometimes it takes more than two touches to actually register two taps and you have to touch it and listen for a sound (one tap is hollow like button being pressed in, 2nd tap is like button being popped out (like an old cassette player) and the third tap is one higher octave. Not ideal and especially frustrating when you are just trying to skip a track or go backward and instead of a 1-sec gesture it is 10 sec of pausing and unpausing and tapping on your eardrum lol)
    3b) Then there is the music player menu. I thought maybe the 5 shortcut menu was for internal music player and the music player menu is for using pandora, itunes, or some other player via your phone…nope. Maybe it’s the opposite? How do you choose if its internal music player vs pandora or another music app open on your phone?
    3c) What is the “while connected” menu and how do I know I am in that menu? At first I thought it was only for while on a call. a tap allows call and a hold rejects it…that makes sense, but if thats the case, why would i have voice control on during a call?
    3d) Standalone mode- When is it activated and how does it work?

Thanks in advance for the help folks!


On the main screen in the app, when there is the large picture of the 2 dash earbuds, you can swipe left or right and a list of the controls for each dash is displayed.
As far as the touch lock enabling, I found that I had the same problem but it turned out that I wasn’t fully hitting the left dash and holding it because when in direct sunlight the left touch controls don’t really work as good as the right ones do. Hope this helps


To say that the left touch controls don’t work as well as the right is a bit of an oversimplification. If I understand correctly, all of the commands are processed in the right Dash, so any touches on the left have to be relayed across the NFMI link, which adds latency. I’m sure that the left Dash touch sensors are identical to the right’s.


It’s a known problem of the left dash touch not working in direct sunlight. They say they are fixing it with software…i hope. Otherwise they should work the same


My last dash had legitimate issues on the right dash, morning sunlight, just in general. It worked, but you had to tap hard and I even found I had to use a part higher up on my finger rather than the tip to get it to work.

I’ve since bought second hand white replacement because the pro is taking so long to arrive and were back to full functioning touch again.


I have left side issues only with the pro and only outside in sun. What did you mean by security nd hand white replacement…?


Oh that’s frustrating. And sorry, it was a fat finger moment on my phone. I meant a second hand pair! I actually got so fed up of waiting for the pro and missed the dash so much I actually bought a second hand pair off amazon so I would have SOMETHING to wait with. Very glad I did.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the Monday shipment has me in it- Mason already confirm another person’s order is going out and it’s the same day as me!