Thoughts on bragi os 3?


What are everyone’s thoughts on the new operating system update?

I like where they are headed with the new Kinetic User Interface, but I was having some trouble activating it. It seemed like it took 3-4 VERY hard taps on my cheek jaw bone to activate it. I tried tapping in different spots along my cheek/ chin area and found the spot in front of the ear to work best.

The Virtual 4D Menu seemed to work alright. I had a hard time thinking of a time where it would be easier to do 4+ motions with your head to pause or skip a song than to simply use the touch interface.

I really like the idea of the Automatic Activity Tracking, but haven’t had a whole lot of time to experiment with it yet. I’m curious to see how accurate it is and how long it takes to pick up the activity the user is doing. I turned the feature on, then went for a jog down the block and back, but disappointingly it never picked up that I was running. Would like to see some improvements here.

Also, does anyone know if the distance and pace features are through the phone’s internal GPS? I assume if you leave the phone at home and go for a run using just the internal memory in the Dash earbuds, it won’t tell you your pace/ distance?


I’m going to give it a week before I throw out my opinion. Mostly because of my daily routine.


My wife thought I had developed a nervous tick today when I was practicing. IMHO it is more practical.


I found myself accidentally turning on 4D menu a couple of times just from looking around while having another walk outside at lunchtime today. So for now turning it off. Still a neat option though.