Thoughts after 1 month of use


I thought I would write a small opinion review of the Dash Pro after one month of usage. Overall I think the Dash Pro (OS3.2) is a good product but I have to say I am underwhelmed given its price tag. There are a number of areas where I feel the product could be improved:

  1. The touch interface is a bit flaky, and I often find myself having to keep touching the earpieces to get what I would like. One major flaw of the Dash pro is that it cannot distinguish between finger touches or other materials. Thus by simply wearing a hat or a simple brush of the shirt/coat collar when on the bike is enough to activate the touch control system, which is really annoying.
  2. The activity tracker could offer more rich data (especially through the app), but currently, OS3.2 provides only basic information, and not even data points over time from the app (only average values). The “AI” algorithm technology for activity tracking/motion is very weak. It recognizes when you stop after 5-10secs and also restarts well after you start moving again. The 4D menu system has to be turned off when doing a sporting activity as it is continually activated due to head movements.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity is very good and have no complaints. When playing music from the internal memory the sound glitches/pauses every 15-30s, not sure why but I suspect this is a memory buffering issue or low-quality memory chips used.
  4. The sound quality could be better. I was never expecting exceptional sound quality given their size, but when outside you lose a lot of the bass. Turning up the volume to max leads to music distortion very quickly. However, when indoors the sound is good but still lacks depth and richness even with the sound personalization.

Good points - Design, Battery life, Charge time, Ear fit, Charge box very practical.

Hopefully, the issues I have identified will be ironed out in future software updates, rather than hardware updates.