Third party integrations


One great feature that i recognized that the Dash has the ability to do is to monitor my heart rate when running. What i recently found out is that the Dash also monitors my heart rate by just wearing them without activating any activity monitoring. This information can be found on in the iOS app: health (app) > Health data window > Vitals > Hearth-rate > Show all data.

With the health app this data becomes automatically pushed to any other application that has access to ‘read’ my heart rate data.

What i was wondering with this rather long introduction is if Bragi is working together with other established app developers to integrate Bragi into the wider application community.

Integration possibilities:
Increases exposure of Bragi in applications that are in the hands of milions of people (Like myfitnesspal and runekeeper integrations).
A more user-friendly all-around feedback-loop were apps communicate directly with each other through an API.
Gives Bragi the ability to release an app API which could increase INDIE developer participation to integrate Bragi into one of their measurements applications.

Feature requests:
Integration with Runkeeper so that runkeeper pulls accurate vitals data from The Dash, giving me real-time feedback on my performance. This would allow me as the end-user to see how i ran (visually on a map, which runkeeper does nicely) together with accurate vitals, such as my heart rate at any given interval throughout my run.


Hey Kevin, this is very much on our radar and we hope to have an announcement soon!


I noticed this as well in Google Fit. Like that it does this.


How about a integration with Magellangps Echo and Echofit smartwatch?

Whit Magellan API is possible to visualize fitness data of the app directly on Echo smartwacht.


when they FINALLY release an SDK, then everything will be doable.
Bragi does not even have to to themselves, just enable us developers to do what we do without reversing this piece of technology.


Hey Bragi,

It would be nice if you could partner up with Samsung’s Health app service just like you did with Google Fit.


Can you please -at least- give us the list of 3d party applications that the Dash has the possibility to team with like;
Under armor connect
Wahoo one fit … etc
My problem with BrAgi app is that it never ever anlise more track weightlifting or Gym workouts!
It is dedicated for outdoor runners , swimmers, etc but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US who backed up the Bragi and bought Dash !
Now I regret buying the device because I can’t use it in Gym or on thredmil with the Dashboard bragi app, I can connect to another application like Wahoo but it is not fully compatible as the connection always suffer disconnectivity !
I wish the Dash will 1-offer more 3d party app connectivity , 2- gives update to The Dash app that it can analyze indoor workouts , 3- and I am shooting at the stars with my hopes but I believe the Dash sensor has body temperature reading capabilities ( if Dash decides to open it and I hope they do)!! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for all the great inputs Rami!

It has been forwarded to our development Team, and they will look into it for future updates.

Stay tuned and keep on rocking your Dash. The early support is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


I had been one of the original Kickstarter backers, while it seems that for iPhones Apple has a system-wide connection to the Dash heart rate monitor (HRM) Android support is limited to the Bragi app which is a bit limiting, I can get Strava and Wahoo Fitness to add the Dash as HRM but it does not seem to send any data, I can detect it through “nRF connect” by bonding the Dash and enable Notifications for the Heart Rate services… but since it one seems to allow one connection at a time rather than a broadcast other apps still can’t access it… it is frustrating to the point where I am tempted to go buy a Jabra Elite Sports since its been reported to work with no problem, I am on PIxel XL stock (8.1 Oreo) and LinerageOS 14.1 and failed to work on both


Hi! Thanks for your feedback as well.

I’m sure that our competent Support Team can help you with this @actinium!

Have you tried to reach them via

Let me know!

Kristian - Team Bragi