They die when left in the case


I have the Dash Pro with the latest OS installed. I have charged the case fully. I use them until they die (which is only a couple of hours at at time), then I put them back in the case to charge. When I get them out, they are not charged at all. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t they charge if the case is charged?



Absolutely. First thing is to obviously make sure the case is charged fully so see if the led goes green when you seat your dash in it and not red.

Also ensure both dash are breathing in sync when in the case. Once or twice in the beginning I wasn’t careful about seating them on the mag straps and one not in proper contact didn’t charge at all.

I’m assuming your done a soft reset too from the case? ( 5 second hold with a paperclip on the dock)


I’ve had this a few times. I just popped them in thinking they were good.

It really requires you to check if they are seated properly.


WHAT, talk about a BIG help. I was feeling so sad that my right ear was not working but after reading your comment. I tried the soft reset and YESSSS back online, thanks.


hell yes!!! so happy it worked for you. Being dashless sucks


lol I was like F this… I need to beast the gym and there is no way I can go back to reg headphones. this is only my 2nd week with them and #imNlove


I know the feeling. for me it’s the dash pro or nothing in the wireless ear bud market. I actually went to Amazon 3 months into waiting for my dash pro and bought second hand dash 1.0 to bridge the gap until my pro arrived. they are one of my favourite things I own and fit my lifestyle so well.