The Headphone won't turn on


My Headphone is fully charged but wont turn on it keeps double blinking on the right ear. Please help.


Have you tried to reach our Customer Support? They’re ready to help you solving this issue!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


I have the same problem, have they found a solution?


I have the same problem but as soon as i take my right earphone out it stops blinking like in the case. In addition to that it doesnt connect at all. pls help me someone.


Thanks for letting us know!

Did you try to reset The Headphone?

Be sure that we’ll help you solving this.



Just got the headphone yesterday and cant get it to work out of charger. I am able to turn it on while in case but turns off when out. The lights dont stay lit after 12 hours of charging.


We’re sorry to hear that you’re facing issues getting started with The Headphone.

Did you get the chance to troubleshoot with our Support Team at the live-chat section?



same here bought a brand new one. the right earphone dosent even switch on once removed from the case. please help. do i reset or update the software or somethig?


Do you have The Headphone or The Dash?

The Headphone can’t be updated, but you can perform a reset and see if it help solving the issue.

Or else, please reach us at our live-chat section at :slight_smile:



How do you reset the headphones?