The headphone - Left earbud is disconnected / Light is always on

When I put the left earbud in the charging case it permanently is on, not blinking the whole time on. The right one is blinking until it is fully charged and then permanently on. When I take the left one out of the charging case the light is still on. At no time I get any sound out of the left one and it seems that it lost connection to the right one and cannot reconnect ever again. With the usual solutions (disconnecting, empty right one and so on…) its not working. At some point the power of the left one is empty and then the light is off. But as soon as it is in the charging case the light is on and no connection to the right one or any blinking.

Does anybody have an idea?

That’s definitely a new one to me. I don’t think i can even recall encountering others on this forum exhibiting this issue. At the risk of incurring tech wrath… can I assume you’ve already tried plugging them into a desktop?

  1. Do they both mount as a drive? IE do both the left and right show up ok?
  2. Reinstalling the OS.
  3. Soft reset with the reset button on the charger for 5 secs.

I’m sure you’ve done all of the above but it never hurts to ask when you’re on your last straw i guess.


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I’m pretty sure he’s talking about The Headphone, so these does not apply I’m afraid.

@Christian_Weiss: Have you tried to press the + and - buttons simultaneously for more than 5 seconds? If you do, does it flash multiple times?

Only the right one is blinking. The left one is permanently shining. I am about to resign. And since there is no support from Bragi at all…

I have the same problem, but it doesn’t happen all of the time. Mine will show solid light when the left is put in the charger, but it turns off when I take it out. I get no sound when this is happening. Sometimes it will blink rapidly and then go solid again. If I get it to blink it will connect afterwards, but the left earbud will loose audio way before the right.

Contact and for support from the new Chinese owner of the hardware.