The dash with Surface Pro and Skype - Laptop freezes


Using following Hardware/Software:

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Lenovo Yoga 900 (both same effects)
Bragi Dash (not Pro - first Releases)
Updated to Bragi OS 3.02
Skype and Skype for Business

When selecting The Dash as Audio Device, Skype gets completely stuck - Laptop does not respond for minutes. After a while, Taskmanager offers to Close Skype - but does not help. Need to hard reboot. This happens on both Systems mentioned above.

Skype is working perfectly with Jabra and Jabra Bluetooth. We also have tested SENA Bloototh MIC and Headset - without Problem.

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Don’t hold your breath… this post is nearly the same issue (no one can use the dash as a mic on pc) approaching two weeks and no support yet Mic Problems with Windows 10 • r/thedash
try going to your audio devices in windows and you’ll notice as soon as you try to preview the dash headset mic you’ll notice all dash audio breaks and the preview will not function. I have yet to find a work around.



I have noticed on my Windows 10 laptop - ANY Bluetooth headset used with Skype causes Skype to lock up
I have tried 3 different sets of different bluetooth devices and it always locks up Skype
All other bluetooth functions are okay - it is just Skype

I assumed it was an issue with Skype and not the earbuds.