The Dash Update Issues


Hey is anybody having update issues? When I first bought my Dash I went straight to the Bragi Updater. In the process of updating, it said there was an error and that it could not continue. I stopped and saw that it had downloaded multiple update files.

From there, I decided to delete them all and start with the rapid update procedure. I used this procedure until my Dash reached 3.0 from 1.0. But when I took them out of the Charger, they did not say if the update was successful. Actually they didn’t even make a noise, I listened carefully but I don’t even think I heard any white noise.

I plugged them into my computer to see if there were any duplicate files like last time but there was no file. Although I did see a file that wasn’t there before. It was named “LOGS” and inside there was a file of unknown size named “CRASHES”. I deleted both folders (“LOGS” holding “CRASHES” in the left and right Dash individually) and reset them both until I saw 3 red flashes on the Charger. I took them out to see if that fixed the problem but when that didn’t work I tried putting them into shipping mode. That didn’t work either.

I made sure they were seated correctly on the mag snap in the Charger, I know they were connected because every time I plugged them into a power source they lit up in sync with the blue light indicating they were fully charged. This is my third pair of The Dash and I’m a proud supporter of Bragi!

Any suggestions on what I should try next would be much appreciated!