The Dash Pro- Only device with on-board storage?


Hey all

Would I be right or wrong in saying that the Dash and Dash pro are the only ‘hearables’ available right now that have on-board storage as well as Bluetooth streaming for music? Any insight much appreciated.


Would be risky to say. For what I know now iT is the only one. While we speak now iT might be but tomorrow maybe not Which would make that message you want to Send out vaporize. Personally the value of saying it is is not that high. For a very small group it maybe interesting but not very amazing. What is Your thought? Want this to me in media as marketing?


Well my reason behind this is not to determine whether it’s a marketing ploy or not, it’s because it’s a feature that I found I really loved in the Dash 1.0 My friend has a pair too and he’s basically only a streamer so he feels a lot more negative toward the dash because of those Bluetooth limitations. Even with the unusable Bluetooth I still loved mine because I’m much more of a stored music kinda guy and like being totally independent from my phone a lot of the time.

I’m waiting 6 and a half weeks for my Dash pro and I’m just considering if there is anything else on the market like this that isn’t just a Bluetooth earbuds, like the Jabra Elite, but that also has on board storage.

Bragi have a 2 week money back guarantee and I plan on availing of this… When I finally receive them! If the Bluetooth isn’t improved to the point that I’m comfortable sticking with them I’ll be returning them and looking elsewhere. The more smart features and assistant type features that are developed the Bluetooth connection to the phone will be more important to me- rather than just being for music.


Actually the Samsung IconXs also have internal storage and Bluetooth streaming. I used to have a pair, but I gave them to a friend when I decided to order the Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey. My main problems with them were the fit and battery life. For most people. I’m sure they fit fine, but I could never get the left one to fit comfortably. So when I saw that Bragi had a custom fit option, I jumped on it. And the fact that the IconX would only get about 90 minutes when streaming and 3 hours listening to onboard music.
I hope that helps.


Really helpful, thanks a lot for the reply. I’ve heard the battery life on the Samsung was a little lacking. Great to know though.

I really couldn’t ask for a better fit with regards the dash. Medium size skins, a tiny rubber ring spacer placed under the tip just to fill out the canal a bit more and there is nothing that would make them fall out. I practice Parkour and also ballet and while I never usually train with earbuds in, I have tested the dash both dropping and rolling from height, as well as pirouhettes where your head is whipping around super fast to spot and they never so much as budged! One evening I watched an episode of the UK based tech TV show, the Gadget show, and they had a troop of dancers testing wireless ear buds and the dash was one of them. They All had units fall out and I was raging watching it happen because they barely inserted the dash fully and didn’t use Any of the fit skins- just stock dash with XS tips. A poor test :stuck_out_tongue:


The significant upgrade is the improved bluetooth.

But if the regular Dash for you (like they do for me) don’t upgrade.