The Dash Pro now comes in cheap looking packaging?


One of my favorite things about The Dash was the unboxing experience: it complemented the beautiful design of The Dash so much.

But now this is what you see when you get The Dash Pro.
These are not my pictures. Source linked below.

Source: Reddit member reviewing his newly received Dash Pro.
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That packaging is still hot! Still True Wireless Intelligent Earphones (as contrasted with Truly Wireless Smart Earphones.) Not as hot as The Original Dash’s packaging, though. Collectability for early customers.


Its not about the package it comes in. Its about the product thats inside.

Blessed day



Oh that is a shame…the box was truly fantastic and I must admit, added that extra gravitas to the technology.


At least you have yours. 47 days and still waiting here


Packaging looks fine to me. Either way though I wouldn’t be concerned with it. I’d take them in an OEM plastic bag right now… 7 weeks for me so far. I kind of feel like all bragi customers should get a t-shirt printed when they finally receive their pro with the number of days it as a rite of passage lol


I thought the packaging was very good. Smaller than the original and not quite as nice, but still very quality compared to other devices and such. Not really award winning like before but it is nice that it’s smaller so it don’t take up as much room to store it at least…i always save my boxes for everything for some reason