The dash pro - connecting with sport-tracking-apps like runtastic


Hi , why is it not already possible to use the dash like a heart rate belt for apps like runtastic - or at least to export the activity tracking into runtastic???


yeah, also asked a while ago for support of strava (like it was with original Dash).

Looks like there aren’t that many users of for heartrate tracking with the Dash. Maybe the smart-/fitnesswatches are getting to goood and offer much more functionality (GPS, Touchdisplay, messenger,…), so there is no need (market) for a hearable


I use to use it all the time with Endomondo, but after the latest BOS it broke that connection,


What I have found at first was you had have the Bragi app open and connected for the HR tracking to work on other apps. If I closed the bragi app I lost the HR tracking on the app I was using. Open the bragi app an d it would start tracking again.

Recently I have been able to get strava, Nike run club and under armor health to connect without the bragi app open but it can be temperamental.