The dash or the dash pro


The dash or the dash pro

Considering to buy one, but on ebay the dash is much much cheaper than the dash pro… so is it worth it? and why did bragi take down the dash from their shop? leaving only the dash pro, the dash pro tailored and the head phone??? Really need to know if the connectivity has been improved that much. Thanks!


also my interest in the dash is because I want to swim and shower with them. I know about the chemical thingy, but I never take excessive amount of shampoo… so i guess it wouldnt be a problem xD


too sensitive topic i guess???.. rip for me then


The original Dash was pretty cool, especially with the built-in music storage and the noise-cancelling. But the Bluetooth signal was pretty week.
Bragi then came out with the Headphone. It didn’t have most of the cool tricks of the Dash, but it does have a vastly improved Bluetooth range. I have an original Dash and my family has three Headphones. The new Dash Pro now incorporates this new Bluetooth capability.
I don’t have my Dash Pro yet, but the reviews of the Bluetooth with the Dash Pro have been favorable.


I really appreciate your answer man. I know that ppl are saying that the dash pro fixes all minor problems that the old dash has. But I just dont know if it is because of the update of software or the framework. It would be quite unnecessary to spend those money if all it takes is just a update of system.


Hardware is different in the pro. Hence the Bluetooth increased functionality. We’re all on BOS 3 on dash or dash pro until the new release comes out in Oct apparently


Thanks…I guess that Bragi could have highlighted the update in technology so that it gets more clear. Still I dont know if the dash with bos3 would be just as good in bluetooth conectivity as in the
headphone (the one im using)


If thats the case I guess its good enough for me


Well all articles inferred that the pro uses similar performing hardware to the headphone. I have the dash 1.0 with BOS 3 and while it helped bt performance a tiny bit it took me to actually buy a brand new flagship phone to make the Bluetooth connect just usable outdoors.

Dash pro with BOS 3 and upwards has been great connection wise according to reviews. The difficulty however, like with the dash 1.0, is actually getting a working pair into your hands . It’s disheartening how many stories I’ve read about left dash failures and broken units. I’ve had 4 different pairs.of dash… And only the 1st and 4th had the top level performance. Number 2 had a non functioning Mic and awful Bluetooth and the 3rd had slightly better bt but not what I knew they were capable of based on my 1st pair that I broke myself. It would seem that not all dash are created equal.

My pro arrives tomorrow so I’ll be able to fill you guys in tomorrow night on whether they work out of the box or not