The Dash not working out of the blue


I’ve used my dash on wednesday and put ir in the charger, when I went to use it on friday it did not work, despite being on the charger since wednesday…after my work out i noticed that the charger has a red light on the led, and both dashes where breathing with the red light. When back home I put the charger with both dashes on the outlet to charge it fully, but when I woke up in the morning they where not charged, after unplug from the out let I notice the following behavior the left dash, has a blue light, and when i put it on the charger it sinks properly (two flashes and breathes) when I put the right dash on the charger it does not sink it start to breathe in a different pattern, and after a few minutes stopts. when i put both dashes on the charger after a while both start to breath in sink but with the red light on them. already tried rapid firmware update, software update, shipping mode, reset all the stuff on the web site and nothing seens to work. Another thing when I plug it to the computer it recognizes the right dash, but I cant seen to plug it only with the left one, It never conects only with the left dash.



Thanks for reaching out! The red light on your device indicates that it’s not charging properly. I would kindly ask, if you’re using the original charging cable from Bragi? Can you please provide a picture of The Golden Pins privately to me here in the forum, in order to follow up on the issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Your Team Bragi