The Dash not responding



I have a Dash Pro by Starkey bought in the US. It works perfectly well for months .
I travelled and didnt use them for a while. When I got back I charged them, and when I putted them on nothing… No message or respond on touch. My iPhone can see the Left Dash but not the right which I believed is the one not working.

So I did a new software update 3.2 , which was there already , but nothing .

I contacted Bragi Support , had a few email exchanges , no solutions was found.
I felt frustrated , because the Dash Pro by Starkey costed me $499 dollars, and the is no support.

For info, I had the original Dash as I am a kickstarter funder, and have the same problem too.

I saw this Team Bragi chat a few days ago, and saw many peoples having the same issues;
But for once people are being happy with Bragi Support , by having a solution or replacement .

So I am trying my chance here hoping , support will act this time .

Thank You



Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out. Be sure that I’ll look into this!

Can you please provide the Case ID in order for me to follow up with the support team, and investigate the Troubleshooting?

Kristian - Team Bragi



Your issue ID is 381021