The Dash Left Earbud not working

Hi there,

So i recently found the craddle with my Dashes. Unfortunately I haven’t used them in a long time so I was kinda happy when I “found” them again. So I tried pairing them up with my OnePlus phone after they have been fully charged. BUT, even though the left earbud has been flashing slowly and was charged, no sound at all coming from it. I then went online and found the update 3.2 and got them both updated after a lot of issues.

Still no joy, no sound and no interactions working on the left dash. I can see a lot of other peoples haves the same issues, but what can I do from here?
I find the Dash very nice and comfortable, but I’m seriously not interested in buying a new set, since they haven’t been used more than a few times :frowning:.


Anyone able to help me out?