The Dash Improvements w/ OS 3


I was hoping someone would clear up for me what OS 3 brings to the original Dash. The release notes after updating state things like 5 hr battery life, better Bluetooth connection, auto activity tracker, realtime translation and a host of other improvements. These are all selling points for the new Dash Pro it seems to me, but yet it says that the original benefits from these improvements as well. So what is really the case?

Thanks for the help!


Did you watch the presentation. By making tweaking in BOS 3 it allows for me battery life.
Some have already reported there is better Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pro has better connectivity as it uses the same Bluetooth part as the Headphones.

The original Dash is benefiting from all the features you mention.

There are however a few specific things that the Starkey edition has which makes it more expensive than the Pro.


I can confirm that my Bluetooth has improved but since my most recent device felt like it was inferior to other dash units I’ve had, the improvement still makes it unusable outside.

Can’t comment on battery just yet


Thanks for the time! My Bluetooth connection is completely unusable outside as well. One person mentioned being able to put his phone in his back pocket and still stream. I wish mine were like that


Outdoors, I have to put it in my right pocket with the screen facing outward on my iPhone 7. Or in my upper sports coat pocket.


Yea that was me. Took a second walk outside after lunch, purposely kept moving my iPhone 7 from front right pocket to front back pocket, with no dropout issues again.

I am hopeful that as the week progresses this will continue to be the case. I will absolutely update acccordingly if things change.

The real test for me will be having it in front or back pocket whilst walking around NYC this weekend. Unless someone here has tried this already?


I noticed this as well yesterday. Had it in my right back pocket. It wasn’t 100% but definitely 90% no issues. Before 3.0 it was not possible.


Thanks for the feedback guys and we are really happy to see people noticing improvements. We still very much want to improve in every way we can the original Dash as well as the Pro.

Hows everyone finding 4D menu? I loved it when I first tried, its been through a few iterations since and feels very solid now. Being able to skip tracks on the rowing machine without stopping is awesome for me :slight_smile:


I absolutely love it! It’s very useful and I have yet to accidentally activate it. The look down which primes the unit for the sharp look up is a good barrier between intentional and accidental activation. I have found some instances where the both the downward and upward gestures register however don’t open the menu. It’s not often and it most recently happened this morning. I’ve reset the device in the cradle and I’ll try again later today. For the most part though I’ve found the activation pretty stable and when it does activate, the function, navigation and selection has been flawless. Really great job.

I used the device heavily yesterday and did a battery run down where I got easily over 4 hours (around 4:15) of Bluetooth connected streaming and transparency which was fantastic!

One thing I’m still finding after 2.2 and now BOS3 is that the ‘shake head to skip’ gesture on the internal player does not work until I manually skip a song once. I have to make a manual skip / 4D menu skip before the head shake works. I think then if I pause the music and play again, I’m back to the same situation. Is anyone else able to replicate this bug?

edit confirmed. Play music -skip with double tap- then head shake = successful skip. BUT if you then pause and play again head shake no longer skips unless you manually / 4d menu skip again.


The 4D menu works absolutely fantastic, I’ve tested it yesterday riding a crowdy bus where I had to hold the bar with one hand and the case in the other, so it was awsome to skip a song only with head gesture, but It would be nice to be able to repeat for example skipping the song without leaving the menu by single skip, but raise your head up again to leave the menu instead, it could work only for some menu items, cause there is no need to stay in menu if you choose asistant for instance, but anyways its really cool guys, great job.


Thanks for the feedback guys with regards to 4D menu, we are really excited about the possibilities and are only touching on what we can incorporate in the future!

Personally I find it useful at the gym on say the rowing machine when I would have had to stop in the past to access a function.

Thanks for the skip feedback Bane will forward this on to the dev’s to take a look at.


The OS 3 added some “bells and whistles”. The primary huge problem persists. Bluetooth and call connectivity outdoors is unusable. I’m hoping the Dash Pro has re-engineered antennas, etc to resolve. It’s troubling now that Bragi has stopped selling The Dash, I see “refurbished” Dashes for sale on a lot of websites. Luckily the vendor I just bought the Dash from will take my return. I’m outta here Bragi. If your hardware will match your software features I may come back…maybe.


Hello, all I can say really is see customer and journalist reviews of the Dash Pro. We listened to all consumer feedback and improved the Dash considerably.

When you are a market leader with a first gen product not everything is always perfect and we have worked hard to improve the features most customers are asking for, this includes improved Bluetooth connectivity.


I use the 4D menu ALL the time to pause or skip music. I am now able to pull up the menu very easily about 98% of the time! As more options are added to the 4D menu I am sure I will use it for more. Thanks for all your hard work! Your efforts are appreciated here in Ft Worth Tx!


Hey Dean!

I have additional information on the ‘shake head to skip’ issues I’m having. I wanted to update you in case it helps.

I was skipping to a second album in my internal playlist this morning- manually skipping through the first album to queue the second. I was using my head as it was faster than double tapping 13 times, and I found that I actually only ever got 3 skips before it stopped working and I’d have to double tap to skip. Then I could skip with a head shake a further 3 times before it stopped working again.

Very curious and this is persistent over multiple installations of the OS.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Bane, will get this looked into.


I just got the Starkey model. Learning how to use the 4D menu. No problems in the beginning - just starting my exercise routine. I was able to start the activity (running) even though I am walking, then start the music playing. During my walk, I did 2 short jogs. As soon as I went from jogging back to walking (not stopping), the Bragis notified me that the activity was paused. I did not touch any of the controls. Is there a way to fix this, or make a mode for walking/jogging? Thanks.


Best way to combat this at the moment I think is just to deactivate the auto detect movement. My cycle to work is city based with lots of traffic lights, stopping and starting so the pauses and time it takes to kick back in are always off if I don’t start and stop tracking manually


would like to know if the dash works just as great as the dash pro! thank you


It won’t just as great as the Pro has better Bluetooth connectivity but apart from that the experience should be similar.