The Dash B1000 not working

I have got The Dash, they was given to me yesterday. I reseted them, I did the Rapid Update, it worked, but when I took the Dash, they don’t do any sound, nothing. What can I do?
Thanks by advance

Hi @Galou!
Welcome to the site! The Dash should make sort of a bright chiming sound shortly after being inserted. If they do not, then there is a problem. Do they make any sound like that when you put them in your ears? If not, did you hear the announcement after the Rapid Update that says “the update was sucessful” or “there was a problem with the update”? Was there sound before the Rapid Update? Can you tell us a little about the LightGuide both when they were updating and when they are nested in The Charger?

Sorry I didn’t see you reply!
They don’t make any kind of sound. They are only breathing in their case.
I saw with the Bragi Installer today that they are up to date.

And, just to confirm, they both breathe in a beautiful shade of turquoise (greenish-blue) at the same time every 5-6 seconds? Regardless, you might want to try a Recovery Update. The following instructions are directly from Bragi:

  1. Make sure, the case is charged
  2. Insert only the left Dash and attach it to the computer via the USB (leave it attached)
  3. Press the reset button of the case for 1 second
  4. After a few seconds “The Dash” should show up in file manager (sometimes it won’t, continue in either way)
  5. Now press the reset button of the case for 5 seconds (until the case LED blinks red three times) and wait for a few seconds.
  6. The left Dash will now boot into recovery and will show up in the computer’s file manager again.
  7. Please download the update file for your Left Dash by clicking on the following link: Afterwards transfer this file onto your Dash without trying to open it. Once the file has been transferred successfully safely eject The Dash as a USB drive and afterwards disconnect the USB cable from The Charger.
  8. The Dash will begin to blink rapidly which indicates the update has begun. Once your Dash is breathing as normal the update is completed. This process takes between 5 to 10 minutes. It is possible that the LED of the Dash might breath red, indicating that the battery was empty and is now charging.
  9. Your Dash is now recovered. Let it charge and have fun with it!

Afterwards please perform the same procedure using the Right Dash and this Bragi OS file:

In case the Dash is not connecting to your PC, please try this procedure using a different Micro USB cable. If the connection is still not working please check if one of the golden pins in your MagSnap (Charger) is bent.

Kind regards,

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