Terrible design flaws and worst customer service


Think twice before purchasing…I’ve spent over $500 on Bragi products and have 2 charger stop working. I ordered a replacement charger around September 10th and it never showed. They then claimed to ship me another one 3 weeks ago and guess what? Still no show. Buyer beware.



Thanks for being part of The Bragi Family - Be sure that I’ll help you solving this.

Can you please provide your email / Case ID in order for me to follow up with the Support Team? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

your Team Bragi


Hi! I also have one broken charger, and couldn’t found one to buy anywhere… Always soldout… Can you help?


I’ve had email chain going now for almost 2 months now. November 16th will be 2 months since I originally ordered a charger online. Ref ID#30642466