Terrible design flaws and worst customer service


Think twice before purchasing…I’ve spent over $500 on Bragi products and have 2 charger stop working. I ordered a replacement charger around September 10th and it never showed. They then claimed to ship me another one 3 weeks ago and guess what? Still no show. Buyer beware.



Thanks for being part of The Bragi Family - Be sure that I’ll help you solving this.

Can you please provide your email / Case ID in order for me to follow up with the Support Team? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

your Team Bragi


Hi! I also have one broken charger, and couldn’t found one to buy anywhere… Always soldout… Can you help?


I’ve had email chain going now for almost 2 months now. November 16th will be 2 months since I originally ordered a charger online. Ref ID#30642466


After 3+ months of being told that y charger had been shipped, I get an email saying they were sold out and they’ll refund my money…what terrible terrible business. What good are these ear buds if I can’t charge them!!! Worse $350 I’ve spent. Unbelievable


I have had horrible service too. My wife sent her ear buds in back in late July and keeps being told “waiting for stock in your region”…still waiting…this is unacceptable. If team bragi is listening, this need to be fixed.


Still waiting to hear back. A Representative has been active on this thread, would like to see some resolution.