Tailored By Starkey - Rubber Coated Earbud Shells


I recently received by Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey. The day after I got them, I noticed a crack in the right earbud (the part that goes into the ear). I guess as luck would have it, I was planning on getting re-fitted anyway because the left bud was slightly loose. So I will just ask them to replace the right one as well.
Having seen the crack, it made me wonder why the shells are made of such a thin plastic. I thought they would have been encased in a very thin rubberized material. So that is my suggestion. The shells should have a thin rubber casing which would make them more durable and I would think it would also improve the seal and comfort when wearing for a long time.
As part of this, I would hope that Starkey/Bragi would make the new rubberized shells available to customers who have already received their earbuds. Since Starkey already has our ear molds, we could just work directly with Starkey, instead of going through our local audiologist again. Even if we had to pay a small fee, I think it would be nice to be able to upgrade to a better shell.


I Can Imagine someone wanting to have soft material moulds, but Rubber would not be everlasting. I Guess the reason Why They chose for the ‘plastic’ Shells is cause If the fact these are beeying used in the hearing instruments years without Any problems and are very durable when fabricated correctly. Only for these aids the material is not simple plastic. Most Shells for hearing aids are 3D printer from durable hard Materials. In the long run soft materials are not long lasting. The sweat from the skin for example weakens the soft material, even Can make iT coulour, (transparant soft moulds for example coulour white yellow After years). This is from 14 years of working with these kind of things.


Kees_Ahoud, thank you very much for your knowledgeable response. I understand what you mean about the eventual degradation of rubber shells.
Do you have the Tailored by Starkey Dash Pro? I am curious to know what you think about the quality of the plastic and fabrication that has been used.


Quality Looks fine and comparable with hearing aid shells. The problem I Can Imagine is that the thickness rules of the shell are more risky then for in ear hearing aids. Simply cause of the fact iT Will kill business too much If you thighten the rules too much. In ear hearing aids orders are often rejected due to lack of space in the ear. For them hearing aids the manufacturer decides what is minimal needed in mm to have a strong shell. I Guess these rules are and thereby the thickness of the shells is variable. When Your canal is small They maybe do not want to disappoint someone and Just make iT tailored but with a risky thickness and therefor less strong shell. Is Your canal small? Mine is too So in the smallest part iT has to be weaker. Someone with a lot space Probably Will have No problems at all. This is a very difficult and hard thing to decide for Bragi for sure. Take risk and make lot people happy or make strict rules and disappoint more people but make longer lasting shells